Friday, April 1, 2016

The New Neighbors Collection and Cuddles From Chaos

Hi there!!! The shop will open tomorrow (Saturday, April 2nd) at 10 pm EDT for a *partial* pre-order (worldwide shipping). You’ll be able to preview the shop in advance, and then it will go down about 15 minutes before the launch.

The Pre-Order Part...
There will be 4 new polishes available to pre-order for 24 hours. The estimated turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. Group buys are fine, as always. :-)

...And The Non-Pre-Order Part
Half of the pins and half of the mystery polishes will go live at 10 pm (as soon as the shop opens), and the other half at 10 am on Sunday morning. If you purchase just a mystery polish or a just a pin without any pre-order polishes, the estimated turnaround time is 3-6 business days.

The New Neighbors Collection
Some new friends have moved into Chaos’ neighborhood! There’s a pony in a party hat (she loves parties, but she also never takes her hat off because she thinks she is a unicorn), a whale that loves karaoke (and takes song requests, if you have something you’d like to hear), and an alpaca with a plan (she finds organization very exciting and would love to help you with a project). The New Neighbors Collection will be available as a set (at a slightly discounted price) or individually.
Pony In A Party Hat, swatched by Peachy Polish
Whale Karaoke, swatched by Running With Lacquer
An Alpaca With A Plan, swatched by Ida Nails It

Cuddles From Chaos and Matching Pin
I have been so excited to show you these special enamel pins! They are about 1 1/8 inches long and they are really cute. <3 I don't think I'll run out, but just to make sure that there are some available in the morning, I'll launch them half at a time along with the mystery polishes. You will be able to buy them individually, but also as a set with Cuddles From Chaos for a discounted price.
Cuddles From Chaos, swatched by Running With Lacquer

Mystery Polishes
I have been working on making lots of new batches of mystery polishes for you! This time, each polish will be from a batch of 1-15 bottles and will arrive in a black satin pouch with a Chaos hang tag.

There will be two different listings in the shop. One will be just like the mystery polishes that have been available in the past (soft, medium, or strong holo with shimmer, flakies, and/or microglitter), and the other will be for a polish that has shimmer, flakies, and/or microglitter but does not have any holographic pigment.

Per Customer Limits
The only limit will be on mystery polishes - one of each listing per customer, please.

Make sure you enter our Instagram giveaway for the chance to win the New Neighbors collection, and here's another giveaway for you because you read all the way to the bottom! ;-)

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