Thursday, November 21, 2013

C&C Pre-Order Information

Photo by Atlcatsmeow
Thanks so much for popping over to visit the Chaos & Crocodiles blog. It means so much to me that you are interested in the polishes that I make.  

International Customers
For C&C polishes, please follow Mei Mei’s Signatures and Norway Nails to find out when the new polishes will be in stock. For pins, mirrors, or nail files, please email me (or send me a Facebook message) anytime between now and Saturday, November 23rd.

General Information
This is going to be a rather long post, so please, have a seat and get comfy! *pats couch cushion, pours refreshing beverage*

It has been quite a while since we last had a pre-order, so I’m going to give you all of the important details that will make this run smoothly, and answer some questions you may have.

The pre-order will take place on Saturday, November 23rd. It will include 9 new polishes! You can check them out on the C&C Facebook page now (swatches coming soon). It will also include several returning polishes, mirrors, pins, and glass nail files. 

Payment and Turnaround Time
Those of you who participated in the last C&C pre-order may remember filling out a form and receiving an invoice. It went very smoothly, but the invoicing process took me a long time. While I am not usually a fan of paid pre-orders, I feel that it will help me get your orders out faster, so I'd like to give it a try and use the C&C shop this time. So, it will be like a normal shopping event, except everyone will get what they want, and there will be a longer turnaround time.

My estimate for turnaround time is 2-4 weeks, depending on volume, but all orders will ship by December 20th.
Disclaimer :-P
To prepare for the pre-order, I have acquired many supplies, and I have more on the way. However, in the event that I run out of supplies to make a certain polish and I can’t get more in time for the holidays, I will contact you, refund your money, and give you the option to reserve the polish for when supplies become available again.

Per Customer Limit
There is NO limit on pins, mirrors, or nail files. However, please limit yourself to ONE of each polish per customer. And just to clarify, this does not mean you can only purchase one polish, it means that you can get one of every polish that you want. :-)
Shipping to Someone Else
If you are ordering a gift for someone, and having it sent directly to them, it counts as a separate customer (in other words, you can get them the same polish you got yourself). Also, I'd be happy to include a special message to the recipient with your order. After you place your order, please send me an email with your message.

Leaving Me A Note
I occasionally miss seeing PayPal notes, so if you make a note on your order, you may also want to send me an email to let me know.

Photo by LOZLOSA
Our New Look
C&C has gotten a bottle makeover! All pre-order polishes (not just the new ones) will come in our new bottles (still 15 ml/0.5 fl oz). The new bottles will have new labels and flat brushes. I am absolutely thrilled with the updated packaging, and I hope you love it too! <3

Mini Bottles

Unfortunately, mini bottles will not be available for the pre-order, but will return in 2014.

No Combined Shipping This Time
Since this is a pre-order and there is no time limit on a cart hold to worry about, I will not be combining orders. If you forgot something, you may place a second order, but it will ship separately.

Small Base Shipping Cost Change
The shipping cost for one full-size bottle will now be $3.00 instead of $3.25. It's just a small change, but since shipping prices usually go up, not down, I thought it was worth noting. :-)

Origami Stars
As you may know, I have been working hard to increase production each month. I don't like it when I can't make enough polish for everyone, but each time I increase production I find myself scrambling to get everything done, and it is especially difficult to make enough stars to go with the polishes. I have spent a long time thinking about what to do - not sending any stars just wasn't an option, because the polishes need their escorts to keep them safe. So my plan is to send 2 stars with each full-size bottle, and 1 star with each mini when they return. This way, your star collections will continue to grow, just a bit more slowly. I hope that no one is terribly disappointed by this change... Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter.

LH06... A Pre-Order Polish?
For the very first time, a polish in the LH series will be available for pre-order! But it is still a single-batch, limited edition polish! Here’s how it will work: I have made a very large quantity of LH06 already. After the pre-order period ends, I will count up the orders for LH06. If there’s more polish than orders, we’re all set. If there are more orders than polish, I’ll add to the batch to make an even bigger batch! Either way, I will post a swatch of the final version of the polish before I begin shipping orders.

Free Gifts With Purchase!
Hopefully you made it here without falling asleep. We’re almost done! *refills glass* And now for the icing on the cake! Yes, indeed!

If you spend (before shipping and tax)...
At least $20, you will get a mini bag of winter glitter shapes to decorate your manicures!
At least $70, you will also get a free C&C glass nail file in a velvet sleeve!
At least $100, you will get both of the other gifts, plus a special mystery gift!

Your gift(s) will automatically be included with your order (no code necessary).

Looking Ahead
Because of the pre-order (and another special event planned for you... So excited!), there will not be a regular restock again until 2014, so please plan accordingly.

Thank you!
I will have the site set up for a preview in advance (I'll make an announcement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when it is ready for you to look at). Thanks so much for taking the time to read this over, and please let me know if you have any questions!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Two New C&C Polishes to be released on Thursday!

The shop will open on October 17th at 9:00 pm EDT for the release of Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza. Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza is a mix of orange, green, and purple metallic glitters, holo gold glitters, and black and white glitters in a clear base. There are also sparse red holo circles, black pumpkins, white skulls, and glow-in-the-dark stars and hexes. Since it is a seasonal polish, it will only be available once.

Candy and Unicorns for the Princess will launch at the same time. This one is full of pink, purple, and white matte and translucent glitters with purple and blue iridescent glitters and shimmers in a clear base.  This is the polish I wore for my birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and I hope you love it as much as I do. :-)

If you plan on buying both polishes, look for the special duo listing. You'll get a slightly discounted price AND a free Chaos sticker - my birthday gift to you! *blows party horn*

There will be very large quantities of both polishes (yay)! With Halloween coming so soon, I want to keep turnaround time at 2-4 business days, so I will not be restocking other C&C polishes at this time.

The new C&C pins and mirrors will also be in the shop on Thursday. If you buy another item, they will ship for free.

The first pack of collectible pins in the series is called Autumnal Chaos. One pin features Chaos playing in a pile of leaves, and the other is a picture of Chaos dressed up as an apple for Halloween. Chaos said he wanted to be something very scary, so I'm not sure why he picked an apple. Anyway, the pins are oh-so-tiny and cute!

I absolutely adore pocket mirrors, so I've got two mirror styles for you to choose from - Chaos playing in the leaves, and Chaos who has somehow managed to tie himself to a balloon and is enjoying a scenic ride through the sky. I have very limited quantities of mirrors, but if there is a very popular style it may return in the future.

Chaos is thrilled to be featured on our C&C merchandise, and we are both very excited for Thursday!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tonight's Restock

Happy almost fall! *throws leaves in the air* This month's restock brings us four new polishes along with some returning favorites. In addition to full-size bottles, I will be starting to bring back minis (0.24 fl oz/7ml). If both sizes are offered, the product will have a drop-down menu for you to select your size.

Although it has been wonderful to be able to find new homes for the polishes so quickly, to help ensure that more people are able to grab what they want, the magical polish making machine (also known as Sarey) has produced even larger quantities than ever of some of the polishes. There will be a little less variety this month because I've been busy working on some special projects lately. ;-) I will be stocking most of the polishes you requested, but if you don't see it on the list, I will make sure to have it again as soon as possible!

This month's new releases:

Glitternomb (limited edition blogger collaboration with Lisa McKinley, will be restocked several times before retiring)

LH05 (single-batch limited edition)

Teddy Bears' Picnic

I'd like to thank Debbie DeMars (IG @runningwithlacquer), Lisa McKinley (Polish Misfit), and Liz Chakan (LOZLOSA) for helping to swatch the new polishes. These ladies are so talented!!! If you're not already following them, I highly recommend it!

On a side note, if you are interested in becoming a C&C swatcher/blogger, the sign up form will be available soon. :-)

Polishes that will be restocked tonight:
48 Inches or Taller
Butterfly Shenanigans
Ferris Wheel at Dusk
Narwhals Are Unicorns Too
Paint the Sky
Party Games
Take the Scenic Route

Hope to see you tonight at 8 pm EDT! If you can't make it, the next restock will be early in October and will include at least one Halloween polish!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Restock News

vroom vroom vroom! *rides in on an invisible motorcycle*

The next restock will be on Wednesday, September 18th at 8:00 pm EDT.
 Be on the lookout for more details and a couple of giveaways coming soon!

*peels out*

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Story of Glitternomb

It all started a few months back when Lisa M. (Polish Misfit) posted a beautiful collage of her C&C order on her Instagram account.

She tagged the pic with #glitternomb, which I immediately thought of as a combination of glitterbomb and nom (like om nom nom). Was it a new word that I wasn't cool enough to know?

Fast forward to her beautiful 48 Inches or Taller mani.
There it was again! But it turned out that Glitternomb was not the latest buzzword in the nail polish world. *sad face* So I emailed Lisa and told her that I wanted to create a polish called Glitternomb, and asked if she would help me do it (since she did invent the word!). She gave me some great ideas, and I love how it turned out!

If you're interested in picking up Glitternomb (or any other C&C polishes) check back tomorrow for a blog post with restock info. Or sign up on the sidebar to get C&C posts via email! :-)

To learn more about Glitternomb, check out Lisa's blog post! And make sure to follow her on IG because she's got beautiful pictures and a video! Also, she will generously be giving away a bottle of Glitternomb when she reaches 500 followers (and she's really close)! <3

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Info for July 28th [Polish List Edited to Include Harmonious]

Hello! I am so looking forward to another restock with you. <3 I have made a LOT of polish for this one! The site will be up for a preview tomorrow during the day, but it will go down for about 20 minutes before the restock.

Since there is so much polish, I’m not sure how long it will take to ship everything out. I will work through the orders as quickly as I can, but keep in mind that it’s only me here, packing up each and every polish with love. *muah!* As always, if you need your polish(es) by a specific date for some reason (e.g. wearing it for a special event, present for a friend, etc.) please let me know.

The restock will be at the Chaos & Crocodiles shop at 8:30 pm EDT. Please remember the following 4 things:

1. There is a 10 minute cart hold.
2. I will combine shipping and refund overages if necessary (I process refunds after I get everything shipped).
3. Nothing is actually sold out until there is no longer an “add to cart” button on the page. Until then, there’s a chance that someone might put the polish you want back on the shelf.
4. You are fantastic! <-- That one is really important.

Here is the polish list:
48 Inches or Taller
Anodize the Tide
Balloon Darts
Butterfly Shenanigans (New)
Ferris Wheel at Dusk
Fireside Nights
??? I can't tell you which polish goes here, because it's a surprise!
LH04 (Single-batch LE, new)
Muahaha! (New - Congratulations to Cristina Parish, who won a bottle of Muahaha! for suggesting the name!)
Narwhals Are Unicorns Too (New)
Paint the Sky (New)
Party Games (I wasn’t planning on releasing this one until August, but I’ve got a limited quantity of bottles ready now)
Pass the Sprinkles (LE)
Starberry Shortcake
Take the Scenic Route (LE, New, Pictures coming soon)
Thrill Seeker
Time for a Sugar Rush

The LH series polishes are single-batch limited edition, so LH04 will not be returning again after it sells out (with the exception of two bottles where the glass formed a little funny, but I didn’t notice until after I poured them... I’m not sure what I’ll do with those yet).

If there’s something you would like that you don’t see on the list, feel free to comment below and I’ll try to have it again soon! Also, let me know if you have any questions about the restock - I do try to get to them all but with everything going on, occasionally I miss something. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow at 8:30 pm EDT! XOXO

Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's Almost Restock Time!

The next restock will be on Sunday, July 28th (sometime between 5-9 pm EDT)! The polish list and exact time will be announced soon.

Monday, June 24, 2013

News, News, NEWS!

GUESS WHAT?!? Today is the one-year anniversary of Chaos & Crocodiles! This past year has been more wonderful than I ever could have ever imagined. THANK YOOOOUUUUU!!! *blows kisses* Look for a special giveaway on Wednesday!
Available tomorrow
The shop restock tomorrow (June 25, 2013) will be at 8:15 pm EDT and it will be a mini restock because I somehow keep running out of supplies! ;-) If you are not able to get what you want, please try again at the July restock, which will be much bigger (see below for more details).
There will be a small number of Mystery Grab Bags AND a new polish on the site tomorrow. Available polishes will be listed as “Coming Soon” by tomorrow afternoon so you can plan your purchases. This will be the last restock of Cheery Blossoms and Star of the Parade before they are retired, and all orders containing Star of the Parade will ship on Wednesday or Thursday.
Speaking of Fourth of July manicures, thank you to everyone who offered water marbling tips to help me plan mine! I’ve got my colors picked out and I even tried it on one finger! What do you think? I like how it looks like confetti falling down on a parade float. :-) And I loved how easy clean up was by masking my finger with glue and peeling it off at the end. I recently saw that idea in a YouTube tutorial by Valesha on how to do a splatter mani and figured I'd give it a try. :-)
My water marble test with Star of the Parade on top... can't wait to do this for real!
If you are looking for a specific polish that is not included in this restock, there’s a good chance that it will be available at the next one. The July restock will be at the end of the month, and it will be one you don’t want to miss. LOTS of current polishes, NEW polishes, the launch of a NEW SERIES, the release of LH04, and MAYBE even some other limited edition polishes! And if all goes well, we will be bringing MINIS back. *crosses fingers*
1 coat (bottom) and 2 coats (top) of LH04 over the nail wheel - Very limited edition - 1 batch only, available in July
HAPPY CHAOS & CROCODILES DAY to you all, and I hope to see you tomorrow at the mini restock! <3

Thursday, June 6, 2013

C&C Restock News

The next restock will be at 
on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 9:30 pm EDT.

Two new polishes will be released (Pass the Sprinkles and Star of the Parade).
I will only be stocking full size bottles this time, but minis will be back soon.

Available Polishes:

For Your Amusement: The Carnival Collection

Cheery Blossoms (Seasonal, retiring soon)
Harmonious (All three versions)
Pass the Sprinkles (LE, will be restocked a few times before it is retired)
 Learn more about PtS here

 Star of the Parade (Seasonal)

Star of the Parade over Color Club Bright Night
Star of the Parade is a red, white, and blue glitter topper with matte stars, hearts, hexes, and tiny squares. For awhile, my counter top looked like a patriotic explosion as I examined every single red, white, blue, and silver glitter that I had. But when it came down to picking the perfect combination, I wanted something simple, bright, and versatile. I hope you like Star of the Parade as much as I do!

Monday, June 3, 2013


So remember how I said that we would be having TWO giveaways? Well, it turns out that that’s not true. *gasps and shoots self dirty looks* We are having a spontaneous THIRD giveaway! Bwahaha!
Pass the Sprinkles over OPI Tomorrow Never Dies
Earlier this year, I was contacted by Liz and Lisa Chakan, the superhero mother-daughter team behind LOZLOSA (they are a fantastically sweet and funny blogging duo). Liz has been a customer for a while and they have the most amazing C&C blog posts on their site! They commissioned and named Pass the Sprinkles to celebrate their blog's first birthday, generously giving away 4 bottles to their readers.
Liz's birthday manicure
I loved Pass the Sprinkles as much as Liz and Lisa, so of course I asked them if I could put some up in the shop. And... it will be available this Saturday, June 8th at the next restock!!! Pass the Sprinkles is a limited edition polish, but it will be restocked a few times before it is retired.
Lisa's "M" Manicure
Since some of you have recently joined C&C and may have missed LOZLOSA's giveaway, I’m giving another bottle away to celebrate its release! I didn't tell Liz and Lisa that I'm having this giveaway, so let's all turn off the lights, jump out from behind the couch, and yell "SURPRISE, LIZ AND LISA!!!"

The giveaway is open now and will end on Thursday night. The winner will be announced on Saturday before the shop opens back up. :-)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Giveaways? Yes, Please!

To celebrate all the wonderfulness that is you, we will be having TWO GIVEAWAYS! The first will run from now until Monday, June 17th. The second one will start shortly after the first one ends! We have reached some terrific milestones on Facebook and Instagram, and on top of all of that, June 24th will be our official one-year anniversary. So LETS PARTY!

There will be two prizes for the first giveaway (enter below or on Facebook)!

A $25 gift certificate to the Chaos & Crocodiles shop

A full size bottle of the unreleased limited edition polish LH04

To win, you must have a US mailing address where your prize can be sent. You must also be 18 or older or have your parent's permission to enter. GOOD LUCK!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For Your Amusement: The Chaos & Crocodiles Carnival Collection

For Your Amusement is a decadent collection that will take you through a day of fun and adventure at Chaos & Crocodiles Land!

DDC (The New, Non-LE Version of Double Decker Carousel)
DDC is the polish you’ve all been waiting for, created because you asked for it!  This brand new but equally majestic carousel is made with two sizes of fuschia, turquoise, and silver circles and blue, fuchsia, silver, and purple hexes in a lavender base.

Balloon Darts
Silver and gold holographic circles represent darts that have landed on the board, tiny iridescent glitter looks like holes from past games, and large translucent neon hexes are balloons, just waiting to be popped! A very small quantity of Balloon Darts was released back in March, and now it’s back and ready for you to step right up! Please note that this type of glitter can be challenging to get out of the bottle, so swirling with your brush is recommended.

Time for a Sugar Rush
Pink diamonds and hexes; neon purple, blue, and green hexes; and white stars are dipped in this sweet blue confection. Remember, you can't actually eat it. :-P

48 Inches or Taller
 You must be 48 Inches or Taller to ride this ride. A colorful mix of hexes, squares, circles, hearts, diamonds, and stars in a clear base, this polish is excitement in a bottle!

Thrill Seeker
Thrill Seeker is You’re Dangerous’ little glitterless sister, a bright red jelly with blue glass fleck shimmer and copper micro-shimmer.

Ferris Wheel at Dusk
When it starts to get dark, the lights become magical! This polish has turquoise and purple holographic circles, stars, and hexes in a blue jelly base.

Reminiscent of glow sticks, light sabers, and wands, souvenirs is a minty green glow-in-the-dark polish (it glows green) with a rainbow of neon translucent hexes and black stars. It’s blacklight reactive as well. Swatches coming soon!

 The day might be over, but you still have the memories! A very light pink polish that glows green in the dark (and is also blacklight reactive), with a rainbow of neon translucent hexes and a rainbow of stars. Swatches coming soon!

All this and more, available at tomorrow, May 8th at 9:30 pm EST! A website preview will be available this evening until 8:30 pm EST tomorrow.