Monday, June 24, 2013

News, News, NEWS!

GUESS WHAT?!? Today is the one-year anniversary of Chaos & Crocodiles! This past year has been more wonderful than I ever could have ever imagined. THANK YOOOOUUUUU!!! *blows kisses* Look for a special giveaway on Wednesday!
Available tomorrow
The shop restock tomorrow (June 25, 2013) will be at 8:15 pm EDT and it will be a mini restock because I somehow keep running out of supplies! ;-) If you are not able to get what you want, please try again at the July restock, which will be much bigger (see below for more details).
There will be a small number of Mystery Grab Bags AND a new polish on the site tomorrow. Available polishes will be listed as “Coming Soon” by tomorrow afternoon so you can plan your purchases. This will be the last restock of Cheery Blossoms and Star of the Parade before they are retired, and all orders containing Star of the Parade will ship on Wednesday or Thursday.
Speaking of Fourth of July manicures, thank you to everyone who offered water marbling tips to help me plan mine! I’ve got my colors picked out and I even tried it on one finger! What do you think? I like how it looks like confetti falling down on a parade float. :-) And I loved how easy clean up was by masking my finger with glue and peeling it off at the end. I recently saw that idea in a YouTube tutorial by Valesha on how to do a splatter mani and figured I'd give it a try. :-)
My water marble test with Star of the Parade on top... can't wait to do this for real!
If you are looking for a specific polish that is not included in this restock, there’s a good chance that it will be available at the next one. The July restock will be at the end of the month, and it will be one you don’t want to miss. LOTS of current polishes, NEW polishes, the launch of a NEW SERIES, the release of LH04, and MAYBE even some other limited edition polishes! And if all goes well, we will be bringing MINIS back. *crosses fingers*
1 coat (bottom) and 2 coats (top) of LH04 over the nail wheel - Very limited edition - 1 batch only, available in July
HAPPY CHAOS & CROCODILES DAY to you all, and I hope to see you tomorrow at the mini restock! <3


  1. OMG exciting..! I love the new polish!

  2. You're enticing me away from my strict no-buy policy... Totally worth it!

  3. Such a shame you don't ship to Europe!