Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Story of Glitternomb

It all started a few months back when Lisa M. (Polish Misfit) posted a beautiful collage of her C&C order on her Instagram account.

She tagged the pic with #glitternomb, which I immediately thought of as a combination of glitterbomb and nom (like om nom nom). Was it a new word that I wasn't cool enough to know?

Fast forward to her beautiful 48 Inches or Taller mani.
There it was again! But it turned out that Glitternomb was not the latest buzzword in the nail polish world. *sad face* So I emailed Lisa and told her that I wanted to create a polish called Glitternomb, and asked if she would help me do it (since she did invent the word!). She gave me some great ideas, and I love how it turned out!

If you're interested in picking up Glitternomb (or any other C&C polishes) check back tomorrow for a blog post with restock info. Or sign up on the sidebar to get C&C posts via email! :-)

To learn more about Glitternomb, check out Lisa's blog post! And make sure to follow her on IG because she's got beautiful pictures and a video! Also, she will generously be giving away a bottle of Glitternomb when she reaches 500 followers (and she's really close)! <3

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  1. Looking forward to the restock!! Glitternomb is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!