Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bottle Hugs

Chaos & Crocodiles nail polish likes being hugged by pretty glass bottles! :-) I've been testing different bottles over the past few weeks, and I've narrowed it down to three 1/2 oz (15ml) choices:

Current Bottle and Cap

Other Candidates

Bottle C with Various Caps

Bottle B with Various Caps

If I end up going with B or C, the mini will also be square. If I stay with A, the mini will stay round.

Which bottle/cap styles do you like best?


  1. You know, for some reason the grippy caps give me the impression that they will break. They kind of look like juice bottle caps. But I can't really judge without touching, you know? I do prefer the square bottles--they don't roll if they fall over, and are easier (for me at least) to hold and get open.

    1. Thanks for the input. I just had a round bottle roll away from me this morning! lol

  2. I love the look of C with a black cap (looks classy) and I think perhaps the grippy cap because it would make the bottle easier to open. Butter LONDON has the grippy caps and it makes them so easy to open. The reason I like C is that it's square and for some reaseon I am pulled to that look, also you can store more bottles in an area vs round. Have you ever seen Daring Digits bottles? I like that look. Now that I've rambled on I hope this helps just a little. :-) :-)

    1. One of the reasons I went looking for squares to begin with was storage. The rounds are total space hogs. But I still love them. :-)

      I agree about the grippy caps being easier to open, plus five of my favorite brands use them. Unfortunately, people who aren't familiar with those companies have told me that they think they look cheap, and that makes me hesitate to choose them.

  3. Square C bottles and grippy caps all the way.
    Chanel, Lynnderella, Butter London, Elevation, and I'm sure a few others use them.
    I much much prefer the grippy caps over the smooth ones. I don't have a lot of hand strength and they're so much easier to open especially when they have dried up polish in the threads of the bottle neck. I'm definitely drawn to those grippy caps.
    I'd choose black over white, its more modern looking and sexy! :)

    Best of luck with your choices!

    1. Dior is another brand that comes to mind. :-)
      Thanks for weighing in!