Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Special Chaos & Crocodiles Pre-Order

The shop may look empty, but there’s actually a hidden pre-order for three new polishes going on right now! To find the secret link to the C&C shop (and get a 10% discount code), all you have to do is join the Hella Holo Customs Facebook group.

The polishes that are available to order are Cheshire Rose, Narwhals Eat Macarons Too, and Cosmic Crystal. Hella Holo Customs group members chose the inspiration photos and named the polishes. :-)

Cheshire Rose is a red to blue shifting multichrome holo in a purple-red base.

Narwhals Eat Macarons Too is a creamy light aqua holo.

Cosmic Crystal is a dark blue-purple holo.

Also, the Chaos enamel pins are back in stock, as well as pocket mirrors!

And there are new acrylic necklaces and decal stickers!!!

The polishes will only be available until the end of June. The merch will be listed publicly starting in July, but you'll get 10% off everything in the shop if you order this month.