Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 is Here!

I cannot believe how quickly 2012 went by! Happy 2013; I hope that your year has gotten off to a great start. The January restock will be on Thursday, January 17th at 9:00 pm ET, and there will be two new additions to the line - Piggy Bank and Starberry Shortcake - as well as three limited edition polishes (Fallen Skystone, Double Decker Carousel, and LH01). I also will be restocking some of the other polishes in the line and will list those before the new ones.

Piggy Bank is made with a variety of pink matte glitters with scattered hot pink, light pink, fuchsia, and white glitters, along with a hint of rainbow sparkle in a clear base - all the colors of a sweet little pink piggy bank. And if you look closely, you'll see small copper circles and two sizes of silver circles, like tiny little coins!

Piggy Bank over pink with top coat

Starberry Shortcake features fuchsia metallic and holographic glitters, blue and teal holographic glitters, purple metallic glitter, silver holographic stars, and blue holographic moons in a fuchsia jelly base.

3 coats of Starberry Shortcake with top coat

Made with teal, red, silver, and copper glitters that adorn this turquoise polish like a mix of gemstones and metals, Fallen Skystone is a limited edition polish, but it will be restocked a few times before it is retired.

2 coats of Fallen Skystone with top coat

Double Decker Carousel was inspired by majestic horses and unicorns swirling around on a beautiful carousel. It has large blue, pink, and silver circles; small silver and pink circles; small blue and purple hexes; and tiny magenta, green, and purple hexes, all in a lavender base. This is a single-release limited edition polish, which means that once it sells out, it will not be back again.

2 coats of Double Decker Carousel with top coat

This month kicks off the release of my limited edition Linear Holo series! The series will feature a variety of colors and linear holographic rainbows - a little something for everyone, and no two batches will be exactly the same. Due to the high cost of holographic pigments, prices on this series will be higher than other polishes and will vary depending on ingredients.

The first polish of the new series (LH01) is made with 3 grades of holographic pigment. These pictures were taken in sunlight so you can see the bright fuchsia color and dazzling rainbow holographic effect. In the shade, you will see a pretty berry colored polish.

1 coat of LH01 in sunlight

Current Shipping Overage Refund Policies:

During a restock, if you place multiple orders before I finish packing up your polishes, I will manually combine your orders, ship them together, and refund the excess shipping charges. If you actually want to pay full shipping costs and have multiple packages mailed separately to the same address (I can't think of why you'd want this, but hey, you never know!), please convo me after you place your order.

Additionally, if you are looking to pick up a bunch of bottles at once, I have large order shipping pricing guidelines set up and will send you a partial shipping refund if the Etsy charges exceed my guidelines.

Please keep in mind that after a big restock, my first goal is to get packages out to customers, which means that I issue refunds after the shipping process is over. Sometimes this takes a little while, so I appreciate your patience.

See you on Thursday! :-)

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