Thursday, May 2, 2013

Exciting C&C News!

So, you may have seen this picture around...
It is a hint about our very first named collection, which will be released on May 8th! This collection was so much fun to make, and I am super excited to get to share it with you soon. And by super excited I mean jumping up and down and vocalizing out loud in random bursts of puppy-scaring squealing excitement. Seriously. :-D

Along with this *mysterious* collection (details and pics coming this weekend/early next week!), several out of stock polishes will be restocked this month including Anodize the Tide, Bwahaha!, Fireside Nights, Harmonious, and Rawr! We will also be releasing a new seasonal polish called Cheery Blossoms.
This polish was inspired by the gorgeous cherry blossom petals that have been floating down all around. Although the blossoms will soon be gone, Cheery Blossoms ensures that you can have them around whenever you want! Hooray!
Cheery Blossoms is made with satin pink blossoms; a variety of translucent neon, neon, matte, and satin pink hexes; various sizes of satin and matte white hexes; and a hint of rainbow sparkle in a clear base. It's soooo delicate and pretty!

This month's restock *may* be on a new website. I will let you know the URL and the time of the restock as it gets closer.

I have received several requests for more Mystery Grab Bags and Limited Edition/One Of A Kind polishes. I definitely plan on doing more of both of those things, but with everything else that is planned for the 8th, they may have to wait until I have a little more time. :-P


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