Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dreaming of Dragons, Part 2!

Today's Launch
Hi there! The shop will open later today (January 24th) from 6-7 pm EST. I have made a lot of polish to prepare for the launch, but I have decided to have an hour-long pre-order because I am going to open stock so that everyone can get the polishes that they want for sure. The limit will be 1 of each polish per customer. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to ship.

Available Polishes
This next set of multichrome flakies continues Chaos' exploration of the dragon world in his dreams. It includes Summit Sunrise, Ancient Embers, Meadow Skies, Valor, and Hidden Caves. One thin coat makes an amazing topper over your favorite color, but they can also be worn alone at 3-4 coats.
1 Coat of Summit Sunrise over black

And of course, before bed, Chaos needs to be tucked in with his favorite toy dragon and sung a lullaby. So the launch will also include Dragon Lullabies and Dragon Snorgles!
Dragon Lullabies and Dragon Snorgles

Free Gift with Set Purchase
If you purchase the entire set of 7, you will receive a free holographic topper called Counting Sheep. It is designed to give the flakies a rainbow sparkle in sunlight without overpowering the color shifts.
The Complete Set, Including Counting Sheep

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