Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mystery Polishes and a Small Restock Tonight

Hey everyone! 

I had planned some 5 year celebration events for the end of last month, but unfortunately I had to say goodbye to a pet family member so they were put on hold. It has been a little hard to get back into things, but it’s definitely time.

If you’re in the Cove, you may have seen the hint that I posted - tags that I made for new mystery polishes! The first mystery polish sale of the year will be on the C&C website today at 8 pm EDT (New York time). The next will be tomorrow at 1 pm. 

These are small batch mystery polishes in a mix of finishes, but all of them will involve holographic elements. There will be a limit of three mystery polishes per person between the two days - that's three total, not three each day. :-P 

There will also be a small Once Upon A Unicorn collection restock. This will be the last time these polishes are available (at least for a while).

I will have some surprise sales and giveaways throughout the month for you in various places, and another larger event towards the end of the month on the C&C website. :-)

The next collection will be launched this fall. I'm also planning for a charity polish sometime in the fall, and some polishes with unicorn pee pigment and flakies in them coming at some point. Those will be limited edition due to supplies. 

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Hope to see you tonight!

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